Resume Writing Services Near Bronx 

We are the best resume writing and transcription company in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Soho and surrounding boroughs. Our Bronx Resume Writing & Transcription Services have more than 25 years of experience in resume writing & transcribing, we are the most credible and refined Bronx Resume Writing & Transcription service in New York. Our resume writers have extensive experience with preparation of resumes, printing, and accurately depicting what employers are looking for. When considering a Bronx resume writing service, it’s important to establish your goals and identify the company’s criteria for resume writing to make sure you’re getting the type of resume that meets your career standards. The three major resume types are entry level, mid-level and executive level.

Depending on the career path you’re looking to pursue, it’s important to come prepared with an appropriate resume to represent the position you’re applying for. At Your Resume Partners, we adequately prepare our customers with the resources they need to be successful with the career path they pursue. In addition to providing expert resume writing services, we offer career development to customers looking for more intimate coaching opportunities to reach their target level of employment faster. With our Resume Uploader tool, we’ve simplified sharing your resume with us.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Near Bronx 

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform for attracting the employers you’re looking to work for. When your profile is filled out precisely and accurately for what employers are searching for, you’re much more likely to be considered for the specific job position you want. Their first impression of what’s written on your LinkedIn profile will be the defining factor of them reaching out to you instead of the other way around. Our LinkedIn profile creation and writing services have landed many clients their dream jobs with a high success rate.  Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for specific searches, having your credentials, previous work experiences and outbound links properly representing you will award you highly sought after, coveted job positions. Contact us today for assistance on writing your LinkedIn profile description.

Transcription Services Near Bronx

As the leading transcription company in Bronx, we offer a variety of different transcribing services such as legal, focus group, academic, audio and professional transcriptions. We have the most affordable transcriptions in New York City, with a professional group of transcribers with over 25 years of experience. Whether you’re an attorney seeking a legal transcription service, a student looking for an academic transcription or an author looking for an audio transcription, we have experience in all areas of providing this service. Give us a call if you’re interested in getting fair pricing on a transcription service in Bronx.

Interview Training Services Near Bronx

We are the best interview training service in New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and surrounding areas.  Our interview training experts specialize in providing superior guidance on how to conduct yourself during the job interview process. Not only is it important to exhibit proper etiquette throughout an interview, but to show up early & wear the proper attire are crucial components to setting the right tone from the very beginning. When prevalent interview training components are not executed, it shows and will most likely eliminate your chances of getting hired. When entering the workforce environment, having the right mentality, training and overall approach is essential to standing out, in order to be hired.

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Resume Writing & Transcription Services in Bronx, NY

Resume & Additional Services 

  • Entry Level Resume Writing 
  • Mid Level Resume Writing 
  • Executive Level Resume Writing 
  • Resume Variation
  • Resume Printing
  • Resume Database Submission 
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Bios
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Cover Letter Variation
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing & Creation

Transcription Services 

  • Academic Transcription 
  • Business Transcription 
  • Focus Group Transcription 
  • Legal Transcription 
  • Audio Transcription 
  • Professional Transcription 

Majority of the prices for our services are available on our website. Depending on the project type and requirements, pricing may vary. Please call us, New York City residents for a free evaluation!

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